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Sullivan’s line of Roto Brushes have become an industry go to when it comes to hair growth and pop. Choose from 4 different options to best suit your program and needs.


This new twist on the traditional roto brush will take your hair or wool presentation to a whole new level. The Roto Fluffer has two styles of bristles into its aluminum body. The first being 3/4” soft flex bristles made for ultimate separation and lift to thick coats. The second being 1/4” fiber bristles to provide superb undercoat separation. Combining these two bristles provide hair and wool tremendous volume and works on all types of coats to provide an even fluff without making the hair or wool wavy. The Roto Fluffer is best used for clipping, fitting, displaying and show day preparation.


32% shorter and 11% smaller in diameter as compared to our full size roto brush. It works excellent for working leg hair or wool on all livestock, especially small animals such as sheep, goats, miniature cattle, and even show pig. It is easier to maneauver between legs on small livestock. It is also more comfortable for a young person who normally struggles to handle a full size roto brush. Features the same bristle length and row parttern as our Staggered Bristle Roto Brush. Creates tremendous lift, volume, and stimulation to the ahir and wool.

4″ Long


The short rows are cut to a length 1/4” shorter.

Lock nut keeps the brush securely tight and prevents it from spinning loose.

The soft, gentle grade of synthetic bristles prevents the brush from
being too harsh as compared to stiffer roto brushes that can scratch
and irritate the hide.

Flat side of bolt allows it to lock tight in the drill and keep from
spinning loose. A common problem with other roto brushes.

The Staggered Bristle Roto Brush has rows with staggered lengths of bristles, one row with long, the next row being 1/4” shorter. The short-cut rows allow the long bristles to work deeper into the hair. This creates more lift and volume to the hair, prevents the matted look and invigorates stimulation to the hair base for new hair growth and faster hair training. es stimulation to the hair base for new hair growth and faster hair training.


The Plastic Roto brush has long bristles that work deep into the hair, it’s similar to the Green Staggered bristle roto brush, except all the rows are cut to 3/4″ length.

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Dimensions 7.10 × 3.10 × 3.00 in


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