About Us

HF&C Feeds began as a small family owned and operated feed store outside of Lubbock, Texas in 1989.

The founder, Pete McCallister, was told by his dad that it would take a lot of hope, faith, and charity to make this business work hence the name HF&C Feeds. With a lot of hope, faith, charity, hard work, and great customers and employees, we have been able to serve Lubbock and the South Plains area for nearly 30 years.

Our number one priority is customer service.

We will help you find what you need in order to take the best care of your animals. We love to see our customers succeed whether it be in the show barns, the rodeo arena, the feedlot or in the pasture.

HF&C Feeds has been helping build champions since 1989 and we are excited to be expanding into the Texas Panhandle.