Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte Powder


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Electrolyte supplementation is often thought of as only needed by performance horses; however, any horse that sweats for a prolonged period of time, regardless of reason, will benefit from electrolyte supplementation.  Apple Elite Electrolytes provides a complete electrolyte formula to replace vital minerals and encourage water consumption year-round. 

  • Replaces electrolytes lost through sweat
  • Encourages healthy water intake year-round and during stressful conditions
  • Helps muscle function and fluid balance
  • Can be used proactively and given up to 12 hours ahead of travel or exercise
  • Highly palatable
  • Helps support energy production at a cellular level

Feeding Directions - for Apple Elite Electrolytes Powder

Enclosed scoop holds one ounce.

Exercise Intensity Amount of Elite Electrolytes per day
Maintenance or light exercise 1 –2 scoops
Light sweating (neck, under saddle) 2 – 3 scoops
Moderate sweating (whole body) 2 – 4 scoops
Heavy sweating (whole body, dripping) 3 – 6 scoops*

*May be given every 4 - 6 hours, if needed.

Always provide access to water when using this product. May be used up to 12 hours prior to exercise or travel to help minimize electrolyte loss.

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